ZOI's extensive international roaming network covers nearly 700 networks worldwide, extending over 200 countries. Our reach continues to expand as we relentlessly work towards providing you global coverage, wherever your business takes you.

Digitization stands as one of our key pillars, and as testament to this, we currently provide 5G roaming services on 75+ networks worldwide.


International Roaming

We've built strategic partnerships with over 700 operators spanning 200+ countries, fortifying our global reach.


ZOI offers MNP lookup services to our clients. This service allows you to identify the exact Mobile Network Operator associated with a specified mobile number, ensuring the most efficient routing for your communication.

Messaging Hub and Firewall

Our hub is designed to provide a single access point, ensuring that your messages are handled securely and efficiently.

Interconnection Offer (RAIO)

The Reference Access and Interconnection Offer (RAIO) pertains to domestic regulated services which ZOI offers to licensed operators globally.