ZOI's connectivity services fully leverage our unique centralized geographic location. Our access to subsea cable capacity makes us one of the most connected wholesale businesses globally. Our reach extends to 120+ global cities, linking terrestrial networks in local markets to deliver local access on a global scale. Our extensive European network connects all of Europe’s economic and communications hubs, making it easy for you to connect Asia, the Middle East, and Africa to Europe. Our mix of subsea cables and terrestrial networks facilitates seamless local, regional, and global connections.


Extensive Subsea Cable

With access to extensive subsea cable capacity and advanced network infrastructure, ZOI is not only a regional powerhouse but also a global leader in connectivity.

Ultra-low Latency Connectivity

ZOI's advanced network technology ensures ultra-low latency connectivity to Europe, Asia, Africa, and across the Middle East, supporting swift and efficient communication.

Dedicated Capacity

A dedicated point-to-point private circuit across our worldwide network, establishing seamless connections in 50+ countries across the globe.


A top-tier Layer 2 service that empowers carriers to securely and conveniently extend LANs around the globe.


A safe, scalable, and dependable private network solution running over our highly resilient global MPLS network.


A point-to-point private leased circuit leveraging our interconnected transmission network and global partner footprint, enabling connections from ZOI to any corner of the world.