At ZOI, we deliver voice and messaging services across all continents, positioning you to expand your carrier business with a trustworthy partner.

Our commitment is to ensure end users enjoy superior call quality with the highest availability, delivering an exceptional quality of service and user experience.

We provide round-the-clock monitoring to guarantee maximum availability and industry-leading performance. Our optimized routing and unique footprint offer you distinct advantages in the carrier market.

When service providers choose ZOI, they secure a partner well-versed in what it takes to succeed in the global voice and messaging arena. Our expansive infrastructure provides robust global connectivity.

We enable efficient access to global markets, ensuring you deliver consistent quality on a global scale.


Bilateral Traffic

Our network interconnects with over 100 operators directly and an additional 40+ Tier 1 carriers/aggregators, providing you with a broad reach.


We offer premium transit voice services covering A-Z destinations across the globe.


Our ITFS Hub provides a toll-free solution for corporate entities around the world, elevating our customer experience.

global coverage

We work relentlessly to offer you global coverage, ensuring connectivity wherever you roam.

High-quality Consistent Delivery

With ZOI, you gain efficient access to global markets, ensuring the delivery of consistent, high-quality service across the globe.