Many of the world’s top telecom operators already utilize our services, recognizing that we combine cost effectiveness with high performance and low latency. We understand the telecom sector and know how critical it is to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Related Customers

Data & IP Providers

Known for high-performance networking and exemplary services, ZOI is the preferred choice for businesses seeking to differentiate themselves in the global Data and IP services market.

Hyperscalers and Content & Application Providers

ZOI provides the most straightforward and efficient methods for global delivery of content and applications, ensuring secure and reliable connectivity.


ZOI connects and optimizes enterprise networks, offering businesses unprecedented performance and reliability across both emerging and developed markets.

National Service Providers

At ZOI, we comprehend both the local and global needs of Zain and Omantel-based service providers and devise solutions that cater to their needs. Our deep expertise and market knowledge can