ZOI has intentionally designed its infrastructure and connectivity solutions to offer unparalleled reliability and performance across the globe. We have made strategic investments in more than 20 subsea cables and built five unique landing stations in the region. This enables you to expand your reach globally with true network diversity.

Capitalizing on our strategic location, we offer ultra-low latency networks that support superior quality of experience for applications and services. Through our high-value service globalization, we support Data and IP providers to enhance customer satisfaction.

Related Customers

Hyperscalers and Content & Application Providers

ZOI provides the most straightforward and efficient methods for global delivery of content and applications, ensuring secure and reliable connectivity.


ZOI’s unique portfolio of voice and messaging services promises superior quality and performance on a global scale, contributing to customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Telecom Operators

ZOI stands as an ideal partner for your telecom business, assisting you to be as responsive as possible to the needs of your customers while staying competitive.


ZOI connects and optimizes enterprise networks, offering businesses unprecedented performance and reliability across both emerging and developed markets.